Daniel Krol

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Senior Software Developer

Values: Clean code, Clean data, Clear team communication.

Skill highlights: Python, Go, Node.js, TypeScript, Blockchain, OpenStreetMap, Linux, Functional Programming

Work History

LBRY - Blockchain-based media platform

Software Engineer - Oct 2021-Nov 2022

Contributed to and lead various projects related to blockchain and distributed systems, including:


Software Development Contractor - Oct 2020-Oct 2022

ElectionBettingOdds.com is an aggregator of betting odds on the outcomes of key events, usually elections, from various betting websites. I made various improvements to the site, including:

Sandstorm Community Project

Open Source Web Application Developer - Oct 2021-Mar 2023

Developed applications for Sandstorm, an open source platform for self-hosted web applications, both as a volunteer and as a contractor.


Open Source Developer - Apr 2020-Jul 2020

Contributed to Etherpad, a prominent open-source web-based word processor, implemented in JavaScript. Projects included:

Mix.com - Curation-based content recommendation

Platform Engineer - Nov 2016-Sept 2019

I was part of the API team at Mix.com, an application that recommends content based on user curation. The components I worked on were written in Go and Node.js.

The major part of my job was coordinating with the Recommendation Service team on taxonomy of topics, architectural decisions, and turning user events into feedback for future recommendations.

Basis (an Intel company) - Activity and sleep tracking

Backend Engineer - Apr 2015-Nov 2016

I was part of a small team that managed the API (Python/Flask) for an athletic watch at Basis, part of Intel’s now defunct wearables division.

The most interesting project I was involved in was smoothly transitioning each user to an updated sleep data stream. This was complicated by users having firmware versions, time zones, and other factors. In the end we mostly avoided interruptions in both individual sleep events and daily aggregates.

Some of my responsibilities included:

Brilliant (formerly Alltuition) - Online STEM challenges

Senior Engineer - Jul 2011-Nov 2014

Among the first few Python/Django engineers at Brilliant.org.

Backend Python/Django developer for Alltuition, which offered streamlined student loan services.

Other Contracting

Datamaglia - Dec 2014-Feb 2015 - Python/Django development

Voyager Tech - May 2011-Jul 2011 - Python/Django development

Shelfworthy - Apr 2010-Oct 2010 - Python/Django development

Reuseit - Nov 2009-Dec 2009, Feb 2011-Jul 2011

PHP/SQL development. Feature/bug fixes for site, store and shipping systems.

Brilliant - Oct 2020-Jul 2021

Planning and writing interactive online computer science course material.

Open Source Projects

See: Open Source Portfolio.


B.S., Computer Engineering; Illinois Institute Of Technology (Chicago, IL)

Functional Programming Principles in Scala; Coursera (Online)

See: Course Record


Erlang Camp (Austin, TX)

A weekend-long crash course in Erlang and OTP



  1. Python

  2. Go

  3. Node.js

  4. TypeScript

  5. Haskell


  1. Django

  2. Flask

  3. PostgreSQL

  4. Angular

  5. Ansible

  6. SaltStack

  7. Docker

  8. AWS

  9. Kafka

Operating Systems

  1. Ubuntu/Debian
  2. QubesOS
  3. OSX


  1. Test Driven Development

  2. Functional Programming

  3. WebRTC

  4. Blockchain

  5. WebSockets

  6. APNS

Interests and Activities

  1. Juggling
  2. Biking
  3. Editing OpenStreetMap

<dan@danielkrol.com> • September 27 2023