Daniel Krol

About Me

I am a software developer. Most of my experience has been in backend web and API development in Python, Go, and Node.js. More recently I've done a touch of blockchain work. I rather enjoy Haskell, and I'm learning Rust.

I'm a big proponent of Free/Open Source Software and user autonomy. Check out my Open Source Portfoilo. I have started spending a lot more of my time on applications for Sandstorm. I'd like to orient my career toward Free Software development as much as I can.

My Latest Project: Desert Atlas

In 2023 I released Desert Atlas, a fully self-hosted OpenStreetMap-based application for the Sandstorm web application platform. Sandstorm makes self-hosting web applications about as easy as you can get, but it was missing a map. OpenStreetMap websites are not traditionally so easy to set up, so it took a lot of work to make it happen.

You can see the announcement and technical writeup here.